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on 12 November 2020 about Dollar Tree in category Convenience Stores

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My complaint:

FIRST: I usually visit this store often and usually find what I need. However, I’ve noticed in the past year or two this store has become disorganized and filthy. What took the cake this time for me to write is the soft drink machine is right there while you’re in line it didn’thave but several soft drinks left. While standing there you can see where this machine had mold or a soft drink burst in it or it needed cleaning it was black spots in it. Disgusting.
SOLUTION ——- Have a cleaning crew come in at night and inspect, stock, and re-shief the isles and clean the store. This doesn’t need to happen when the store is open and there is a long line with one cashier working.

SECOND: This store is set up for thief. There is usually one person on the register and you don’t see anyone else assisting. How can that one person stop or see someone walking out the door with stolen merchandise?
SOLUTION —— Between 11:00am and 3:00pm there needs to be another person nearby to assist with cashiering. Hire another person to assist with stocking and cleaning. These extras could be part-timers. I know you’re trying save money since the items are mostly a dollar I believe pride in your name or company should say something.

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