Complaint: Disabled Veteran Denied Benefit of Free Registration and Receiving Disabled Vetran License Plates

on 29 May 2019 about DMV Paso Robles in category Government Services

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My complaint:

Today, May 28, 2019 I attended my second appointment i scheduled to receive the free benefit i earned as a disabled veteran with being diagnosed as 100% disabled, permanent and total, unemployability, to receive the disabled veteran license plates and registration of my vehicle for free. I am fiagnosed eith 70% PTSD and then was diagnosed with unemployability total and permanent. Which in my award letter from the VA describes the ptsd 70% diagnoses along with the permanent and total snd employability which means i am compensated at 100% disabled accirding to the VA. I took ALL of the required paper work which included my DD214, my award letter from the VA (referred to as PCGL LTR 112) describing my disabilities, DMV Form REG 256A, which is a certificstion that must be sugned by a doctor or Physician Assistant which mine was and finally the registration card for the vehicle indicating it is registered to me in my name. The man who was helping me went to the manager and came back and told me that the delima was that in my VA award letter it said no where that i was 100% disabled. Thst it only showed the 70% disability and that was all they were looking for. I asked to speak to the manager and tried to educate him that the PCGL LTR 112 was my award letter that he was holding in his hand. That was the name of the letter and thst there is no form PCGl LTR 112. He was rude and would not listen to me. I tried showing him on my phone when i Googled it for him but he said it did not say 100% and therefore he would not honor it until i came back with the form letter. There is no such form. I should not have to drive to another DMV in another town just because the DMV manager in Paso Robles CA doesnt know his job and has been misinformed. I left out of there crying and frustrated and immediately phoned the CVSzo office locally in my town and told him the situation. The first thing he asked me was i at the DMV in Paso Robles, Ca and i said yes. He told me that the DMV in Paso is always doing this very same thing to disabled veterans who come there constantly. That they don’t know what they are talking about regarding the disabled veterans license plateregistration issue. I want the manager there to research this issue and stop denying disabled veterans there rights that they have earned. His ignorance is no excuse. He needs to become informed and allow me to make another appointment (3rd one in a month), bring my same paperwork in and register my vehicle for free and issue me my disabled veteran license plates without any issues or hassle. He is wrong and must be corrected and someone should teach him his job and how to deal with veterans respectfully. Thank you.

Suggested solution:

As described above, i want to be able to schedule an appointment asap as i am driving with expired tags now due to their ignorance and lack of understanding. I would like my plates and registration completed with absolutely no charge for me having to make so many trips there and leave without my business taken care of. Thst is fair and just.

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Jeff Lydon
Jeff Lydon (@guest_2466)
1 year ago

Show them you “commissary” letter, it is the ONLY letter you need to show, it clearly says 100% on the letter, it doesn’t matter if youa re TDIU P&T or just TDIU, or even Schedular 100 or Schedular 100 P&T, all of these compensation levels pay 100% and give FREE CA vehicle registration. You want to print your Commissary letter off of your eBenefits or account, under the LETTERS tab.