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on 30 January 2021 about Discovery channel in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

I would like to say Discovery is unethical.
You are channel that entertains and educates people on many things and that’s something I have always loved, but having people pay for discovery is unethical. Personally I work 2 jobs and cant afford it and I live in a place where internet services are not an option. Also I think about all the other people who live in similar situations. Cant afford it, cant afford internet service or live in a place that can not get internet service.

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Suggested solution:

Get rid of Discovery and put everything back.

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Terrie Ohara
Terrie Ohara (@guest_2671)
8 months ago

I agree with almost all of these complaints above. It’s very sad that you could care less about some of us not having the option to screen because of one reason or another.. we made you and many of your shows what they are today. Now we are only good enough for the reruns from years ago. Just sad that we don’t matter.a.nd by the way I’m really sick of seeing your discovery+commercials a thousand times a day. Enough already..