Complaint: Staff abuse to residents and abuse of funding

on 25 July 2019 about Covenant Recovery in category Healthcare

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My complaint:

Re-entry programs were established to guide and assist in the re-entry of inmates. The staff at covenant recovery- Malvern Arkansas unit, abuse their authority. They tell residents that they are worthless and no one wants them. Among other things. Their mail is held and or read and then never given to the residents. (Federal offense??) The staff and manager also take the food that is provided via State or local funding and they sell it and keep it from the residents. The manager takes the residents to her home and has them complete her chores and or repairs on her home instead of actually guiding them towards real community service. While at her home, the residents are given food and cigarettes and other imenities for a hush bargain. This facility had previously lost commissary priveldges due to over charging . Now instead of gouging for commissary- a lunch box that costs $5 aylt Walmart, the residents are being charged $45 . This in no way promotes what the re-entry program is meant to do. All this is doing is setting up each and every resident for failure. There have been previous complaints and investigations but the local county gave an advance warning that they were being investigated. When complaints were investigated, the residents were told that they would be sent back to prison if another complaint was received. The residents that had family complaints were sent back to prison. This facility is horrible and very unorganized. There are previous and current residents that are willing to speak but are scared that if they do, they will be sanctioned and returned to the care of ADC.

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Suggested solution:

Current staff need to be removed from the facility. The facility itself needs to be investigated as a whole. CEO out of the Pine Bluff facility is also a part of this scheme. Again....there are past and current residents that are willing to speak up.

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