Complaint: Eating drinking smoking mobile phone use

on 15 February 2019 about Courtney Buses in category Public Transport

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I have recently relocated from Plymouth 1 year ago moved back to my roots where my family are and as I no longer want to drive get the bus all the time Every week. The route on a Thursday (14219) is no 53 bus from Gore Road, Burnham to Bracknell, Berkshire which is usually a very pleasant 1 hour journey. Both myself and friend had an awful experience as we had to endure someone behind us brought Kentucky fried chicken which was the most unpleasant experience ever. I did actually challenge the person and as from my experience from Plymouth bus service there is no smoking of any substance, drinking alcohol, eating, and no mobile phone use to consider everyone else on the bus to have a peaceful journey. What I did find on the lovely new Courtney buses there were no notices to this affect and wondered why? Iwe as a passenger should not have to confront passengers on these issues. I had to address this myself and was embarrassed but I had to act like them to try and make them realise whathow we felt. The bus driver at no time intervened and let me get on with confronting passengers and I felt frightened but I am 65 years of age and feel we all have a freedom of speech and everyone should have consideration to have a pleasant journey experience. This was the bus at 15:50 from Bracknell to Wexham Park Hospital where we offloaded at Gore Road, Burnham. I cannot understand why you Courney buses do not have signs displayed and would hope you agree this would make everyone else who feels intimidated by these ignorant selfish people to have consideration for everyone else does not want to smell their food in a confined place and why they feel everyone else have to endure their conversation where others really do not. I have to say the bus driver at no point intervened. Please I emplore you, can you please consider putting up these notices so people are aware. I totally understand if someone has an emergency call but the conversations on the bus we were on were rediculous. I really would appreciate your comments. Regards Mary Cranmer.

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Notices to be displayed on the bus no alcoholic or substance abuse, no smoking, eating, mobile phone use please consider all other passengers on this bus.

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