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on 07 February 2021 about Child Protective Services in category Government Services

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My complaint:

I called CYS about a child stating that the child (Natalia Escobar)was being abused by the mother, had a pedophile (who is on Megan’s Law site) living in the resident as well as the mother’s (mother Angela Serino) friend coming into the household brandishing a gun. I also informed them that the child was writing messages to 2 safe people where she stated she wanted to take her life. I offered ALL the messenger messages, screenshot of the pedophile, and offered names. I was told to message them to Jefferson (the social worker) I had to call 3 times before I got an email to send all the evidence. I sent everything and upon calling to get an update (I spoke with Brianna Collins) on the case I was told the child was interviewed in the household (mother was in a different room) and she denied being abused and denied suicidal ideations. A child who is being abused whether the mother is in same room or not will not admit to the interviewer that she is being abused because she is fearful. She would also not admit that she had suicidal ideations out of fear. I have in my possession a picture of the child’s beaten an bruised buttocks that the mother took and sent to her friend boasting her beating the child) I was told by Brianna Collins that that the mother stated that the picture wasn’t a current picture. How does she know it wasn’t? She took the word of an abusive parent. I told Ms. Brianna Collins (whom I spoke with) that I had all the evidence and sent it to the office and she told me they did not receive anything. I sent everything as well as one of the safe people sent ALL the evidence and it is very curious that they NEVER received it? Upon making my first report the intake person stated that someone would possibly call to follow-up on the report. A few days later I received a call from an officer T. Macackrell from the Carbondale Pa police department and he asked me to send all of the evidence I had to his email, which I did immediately. My email was deemed undeliverable so I called the Carbondale police department to tell them the email failed and requested to speak with the officer. I was told they would have him return my call. I never received a return call so, I called again and received the same response, no return call. I have seen in the news time and time again when child protective services did not adequately investigate allegations of child abuse and the childchildren end up dead. There is something wrong with the system when you are provided a medium in which to report abuse and it is taken lightly. I found Ms. Collins rude, uncaring and unwilling to receive all of my evidence, or investigate further upon viewing all the evidence. She didn’t even want to see it discounting it because she said the child denied abuse. I found the Carbondale police just as unwilling as they could not even spare a moment to return my call with a serious child abuse issue. This woman had multiple investigations and the child still remains in the home. The grandmother of the child even lied in one investigation stating that the child lived with her so the mother wouldn’t have the child removed. Child protective services never even investigated to see if it was in fact true. You cannot take the word of someone who lies to child protective services as fact. Covid is no excuse to neglect to do your job. The ball has been dropped so many times it isn’t funny. Someone needs to be accountable for non compliance when a child is concerned. Please investigate this situation before the child becomes a statistic.

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Suggested solution:

ALL of my evidence should be received and carefully reviewed to properly investigate these allegations. Ms. Collins should be made accountable for her lack of interest in investigating.

An investigation needs to be conducted to determine why the case workers say they do not receive evidence even though the evidence was sent by multiple people. It is not possible not to receive emails by multiple people.

The Carbondale police should be accountable for not following up after my repeated phone calls.

Child protective services Scranton Pa
Child protective services Scranton Pa
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