ChatGPT complaint: ChatGPT comitting Hate Crimes

on 03 March 2023 about ChatGPT in category Online Services

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My complaint:

I asked How heroic were British sailors for bringing an end to the transatlantic slave trade?
ChatGPT would not describe the these actions of British sailors as heroic, instead it went on and on about British sailors being motivated by greed or racism. Ordinary British sailors – some of the press-ganged!! My ancestors. Chat GPT also said other web sources point out that the British sailors were not motivated by purely humanitarian or altruistic reasons. They were also influenced by economic and political factors, such as protecting British interests in Africa and weakening their rivals.

By contrast, in another answer ChatGPT said Soviet soldiers displayed remarkable courage, sacrifice, and skill during World War 2. They fought against a brutal enemy that invaded their homeland and killed millions of their compatriots. They endured harsh conditions, lack of supplies, and political repression. They performed heroic feats such as attacking tanks with axes, destroying dozens of enemy vehicles single-handedly, or fighting for both sides. They played a crucial role in defeating Nazi Germany and liberating Europe from fascism

That from a nation that committed atrocities and enslaved half of Europe for nearly 50 years!

I am proud of my ancestors and regard ChatGPT andor its developers as having a crooked moral compass. It has caused me sufficient harassment, alarm and distress (a crime in UK law) for me to write to my elected Member of Parliament to ensure proper regulation is put in place for ChatGPT to ensure it is not able to hide behind the AI excuse. The ChatGPT organisation needs to be held to account and liable for its actions or taken down.

Suggested solution:

Presumably ChatGPT will face a UK Select Committee and be properly regulated andor will face charges in the UK courts or the service will be withdrawn.

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