Complaint: Spencer Vogue and Theodore too Episode 2

on 15 October 2019 about Channel 4 in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

We were distressed after watching the recent episode 2 of the above programme. Spencer mentioned that Winston their dog was scared of a toy lion. The camera then filmed Spencer pushing a large rocking horselion directly at Winston. It hurtled across their laminate floor at high speed and the terrified dog ran cowering with his tail tucked between his legs. Spencer then continued to taunt the dog poking it’s head out from behind a partial wall, stating ‘Winston would have to get used to it’!!! I think this shows lack of love and respect towards Winston. I don’t think anyone should deliberately do anything to a pet to deliberately scare and traumatise it, especially in it’s home environment where it should feel loved, safe and protected. Vogue also stated in the same episode that Winston was depressed and even called in a therapist for the poor dog. I think the answer she seeks to the question surrounding Winston’s unhappiness is easily found it Spencer’s treatment of Winston. I found the scene to be extremely upsetting and I haven’t been able to sleep for 2 nights now since seeing the episode. I worry for Winston and his well-being in this household. I don’t think this type of behaviour is acceptable. I would have complained directly to channel 4 – but I wanted something done quickly and could find no means of emailing them about it and as I’m quite emotional on the subject didn’t think I could handle a phone call to them.

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Suggested solution:

I want Winston to be treated with love and respect and for him to feel safe in his own home 100% of the time. Poor Winston is having to cope with a new baby in the household, therefore he should be re-assured with extra love and attention. Also I would like some assurance from Channel 4 that Spencer will be spoken to about this deeply worrying issue. Channel 4 should explain that his behaviour and treatment to Winston is completely unacceptable. Further that he ensures that as Theodore grows, he is taught to treat Winston with love and kindness at all times. I think the family should be made aware that this behaviour is not comedic and to some viewers it is downright distressing towards a dumb and helpless animal. Would Spencer for instance traumatise Theodore by cruelly subjecting him to something he was terrified of. I hope the answer is of course no and as Winston is a part of the family, I think Winston should be accorded the same treatment and protection.

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