Canada Dry complaint: Company sold crushed cans

on 23 February 2023 about Canada Dry in category Food and Beverage Brands

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My complaint:

Was at Walmart on highway 54 on Saturday. Bought a box of ginger ale had no idea that the box was damaged or taped when I got home noticed that there was four cans that were damaged the boxes was taped and they were sold for the regular price. The box of ginger ale should have never been sold because it had damaged products in it. And if it did get sold it should have been sold at a markdown price because of the damage which was not which I paid full price for damaged products

Suggested solution:

I would settle for some discounted coupons because I buy ginger ale from y'all all the time and I just don't think it was proper that I bought damaged products in Walmart didn't even remove them from the store they just boxed it up and taped it up and sold it for regular price that is on them not on y'all but I'm asking y'all because I should have never been sold damage products for regular price

Company sold crushed cans
Company sold crushed cans
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