Complaint: Threatening volunteers, arrogant and very unprofessional staff

on 14 March 2019 about Bronx Youth Center in category Non-Profit

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My complaint:

On 31219 I was threatened by a staff who currently works at Bronx Youth located on East 147 street, Bronx, New York. Staff is identified to be a volunteer who educates people. She pursued a traffic police officer help after she intentionally backed off her vehicle into my standing vehicle and almost caused an accident. Then I proceeded to park my vehicle in front of her parking spot quietly and politely. I always park my vehicle at the spot she parked her vehicle. She went ahead and complained to a traffic police officer without providing a rationale. I work as a doctor and family Nurse Practitioner right across the street in my own medical office. The identified Bronx Youth volunteer employee has definitely an anger issues and didn’t realize that she was about to cause property and heath issues without any apparent reason(s). I pursued the issue via submitting a complaint to her superiors on 31419 since the same female caused almost identical issue with someone else who owns a business in the neighborhood as well. Since I have been practicing medicine in the same neighborhood from the last 17 years. I personally went to inform her superiors about such an ongoing bizarre behavior of that employee. I was welcomed by the management and security personnel of the building where this program is running at this present time. I also happened to be informed about the nasty attitudes of the security of Bronx Youth center by the management of that building…. unfortunately, I was given the right descriptions since I was trying to get hold of the director supervisor of Bronx Youth. The security of Bronx Youth started an argument and tried to divert me from the place via using scurrilous language, and assuring me that’s not the place without giving me a chance to address my needs…. then two other females popped up out of no where and started to talk altogether….. then there was a guy who really without a doubt very very unprofessional, dressed up with loose jeans below his waist line, missing teeth with open zipper along with someone who was combative and abusive physically since one of the female who is identified to assistant director. That assistant director pushed the described abusive guy away from me and was trying to listen to me about the incidents. The security asked me again to describe my issue again to the so called “ director” who was exhibiting along with the other scary young guy. I replied that every body listened to the complaint since they were standing with threatening manners throughout the time. The so called “ director” replied “ we call the cops too!” Using profanity and anger expression except the female who alleged “ assistant director” who tried to collaborate with me that following up with the complaint and reevaluate the volunteer ability to communicate efficiently with others and try to help the individual’s psychological needs and find out if that individual is a good fit or not since she should be a role model for underserved population…. unfortunately, it seems the whole staff of that unit “ Bronx Youth” seems to be very intimidating, and cause more harm than good to the community. I am a healthcare provider and educator as well…. I never ever seen such an environment full of intimidation, abusive approach and behavior towards others….. I don’t mean to be rude but hygiene and appearance along with public relationship are the least to be offered.

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Suggested solution:

I am seeking an apologies, and expecting way better outlook appearance. In addition, I would hold New York State department of education liable for any physical harm should happens to me at all times since one if not both of these intimidating guys are very suspicious to cause physical harm to others without any doubt.
Immediate attention to this matter is highly appreciative.

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