BizCover complaint: Staff attitude

Complaint from Not happy 007 reported on 16 January 2024 about BizCover

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My complaint:

I was trying to find out the difference between DUAL and VERO in coverage as the prices are $13 difference a month.

The answer was the premium is lower that’s the full response, The way it was said, with boardem, without a care, without realising he is talking to a person, I could almost see him shrug his shoulders as he said it.

BizCover you want me to pay $10 a month, you better train your staff in customer service. This has lost you years of income, my word of mouth will stop people from using BuzCover due to my disinfection of your service.

Shame of you, yes everyone can answer a phone but not everyone has the personality to answer the phone all day 5 days a week and be friendly and respectable. This guy has lost you multiple people’s frees

Suggested solution:

Train people,
Monitor people,
Don\'t just hire anyone.

Your company reputation is being tarnished because of people lack of support, knowledge, willing to find the right answer, and laziness
That\'s fallnon you the company

BizCover complaint Staff attitude
BizCover complaint Staff attitude
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