Complaint: Misleading, lying, false information

on 13 May 2019 about BassCorp Investments in category Financial Services

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My complaint:

We were visited by a guy from Basscorp Investments after they advertised own your own investment from $69 a week
He never got us to sign a contract or told us about their fees. We signed a land contract through peer and a house contract through wa building company
After a few months I hadn’t heard from this guy so emailed basscorp two months later they come back
To me and said they had no knowledge of who I was and the guy we had been dealing with had left the company
He says if we wanted to be looked after we should of signed the contract and paid between $8-22k
We were never told this and wouldn’t of signed up anyway
I then had a series of email conversations about them helping us get a tenant where they lied constantly about having found someone for $429 a week, I was told by a property manager I would be lucky to get $329
These lies continued and we eventually found ourselves a tenant for $280 a week !
Leaving us $1000 short on the home loan every month
I showed a property manager the figures I was presented and was told my or Peru would never be worth $450k like I was told and how did I get a Morgage for that
The property is on the market for $280k I have a mortgage for $455 and I’m $8k in arrears so on the verge of being repossessed by the bank
To make matters worse the financial advisor they put us onto didn’t explain to us that in order to get the loan we had to cross collateralise the loan with our residential property and what the repercussions would be if anything happened to the investment
So now I’m probably going to lose my home even though I have never missed a payment in 11 years
Basscorp have ruined my life
I’m going to loose my home and all the money I have paid into it all because the salesman didn’t do his job properly

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Suggested solution:

Basscorp need to be accountable
I want compensation
I don’t want to loose my home
I don’t want to be left with a massive debt

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