Apretude complaint: Offensive commercial

on 13 May 2023 about Apretude in category Healthcare

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My complaint:

This commercial is just disgusting. We dont need to see men kissing on tv. Me and my children watch tv and then this add pops up, my son does not need to think that is normal. People can say what they want but it makes me sick to see it. They can do whatever they need to do in the privacy of their own home, it promotes way more than just the medicine. Take it down. If not simply because two men are kissing and my children are too young to see stuff like that then just simply because it is too much and it doesnt need the public display of affection to sell your product. Its sickening.

Suggested solution:

Take out the affection of two men or take down the entire commercial. It isn't pg 13 at all.

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