Apretude complaint: Disgusting Commercial

on 19 December 2022 about Apretude in category Healthcare

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My complaint:

The commercial for a drug that prevents HIV before the fudge packers have sex is not appropriate for the vast majority of the non-LGBTQ population. Who is their audience? This is just another provocation of normal people with something promoting the deviant behavior illustrated in this sick commercial. LGBTQ have the right to do what they want in private. Shoving it down the normal population’s throat just generates hostility.

Suggested solution:

Take the Apretude commercial off the air. It is more offensive than informative to the vast majority of the viewing population.

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Christopher Molinaro
Christopher Molinaro (@guest_5976)
3 months ago

The fool that just wrote the last comment does not even realize that more heterosexual men “fudge-pack” women in the homosexual men do with one another. Another straight and hate-filled, toxic moron patting himself on the back how “normal” he is. One has to wonder, how insecure and doubtful about his own sexuality and manhood he has to be…to be so full of hate and scorn for homosexuals that are consenting adults and have the right to have sex, protect themselves from a deadly virus and yes….legally marry in all “50” states since 2015!

Chester (@guest_5996)
3 months ago

Written by a fudgepackee. Male/female normal. Male/male abnormal.

Anonymous (@guest_6010)
2 months ago

The thing I’m trying to figure out is who are commercials like this trying to target. It’s about medication, so just tell what the medication is for. What’s the point of showing two men/ladies kissing…none because sexual orientation has nothing to do with what the medication is for. You all are stereotyping that the medication is only for same sex relationships. I’m not going to call anyone names but no one wants to see these commercials especially when you’re watching television with your children. In other words, this isn’t normal and people don’t like for this to be pushed down… Read more »

Shelly (@guest_6040)
2 months ago

This commercial is ridiculous and they have it on during the day when small kids can watch it and ask questions about what’s going on really?? Why should we have to explain to small children like two men are kissing?

ANONYMOUS (@guest_6507)
27 days ago
Reply to  Shelly

I totally agree. People who have the decease know what caused it. Just limit the presentation to the public in a way that does not entice young minds which are sponges to do what they see on TV.

Karen Lawson
Karen Lawson (@guest_6042)
2 months ago

Commercial targets homosexuals and black people as being the two groups that have problems with HIV, which is an infection that anyone can get, including heterosexuals and caucasians. Talk about profiling – HIV is not a virus that infects people based solely on their sexual orientation or skin color. The makers of this drug and their marketing department should be censored.

Rob (@guest_6581)
13 days ago
Reply to  Karen Lawson

That’s what I noticed. If someone wants to be offended, this commercials message is a great start. But the idiots who are wierded out by gay relations, grow the fuck up

Linda (@guest_6553)
18 days ago

Commercials about medication, should be just that. Please just explain what the medication is used for. I feel it’s offensive seeing two men or ladies being attracted to each other and kissing. It goes against my religious beliefs and I prefer not to see it on National TV. I am offended that my children and grandchildren could see these commercials. It’s on there and there’s no time to turn it off or switch the channel before it’s already seen whether you mind or not seeing it. I do mind. Please remove these offensive commercials for Aperture.

C.miller (@guest_6555)
17 days ago

Your commercial for Apretude is inappropriate and perverted. God created male and female and for marriage to be between one man and one woman. Please do not mock God by making homosexual relationships appear normal in your ads. If God’s pattern was followed perhaps your medication wouldn’t be needed. Please pull the ads in the name of decency. You can still sell you medication without showing same sex couples kissing.

Eileen Edwards
Eileen Edwards (@guest_6565)
16 days ago

I dont like these types of advertizement because minors cant be subjected to these subject lesiban and homosexual sexual subjects and seeing same sex interactions that is not for children to see.