Complaint: Toweless in Tacoma

on 09 September 2019 about American Lodge in category Apartments / Cabins / Lodges

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My complaint:

I paid for 2 days at the hotel the second day I was resting and didn’t feel like getting up in doing anything so I stayed in bed and rested I took a shower in the afternoon and I gathered my towels that I had used and went to the front office and asked if I was able to get replacement towels and the first thing the gentleman said behind the desk was no I had a chance and that it is not his problem, I cannot have towels. I asked him if he was serious? he said yes, he said it’s too late to get towels. I asked him again, I said can I have some replacement towels? again stated no and proceeded to ignore me to look away and keep doing what he was doing behind the counter and act as if I wasn’t in the room.

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Suggested solution:

My solution to this is dish it should have never been an issue I have no idea how to handle this the solution is to get replacement towels it was my first time asking for towels I\'ve never bothered staff here I have wasn\'t like it was my third or fourth time asking so to resolve the issue and it\'s too late now if I make up a scene he can kick me out he\'s not going to refund my money so I can go to a a better hotel that will serve their clients or I walked up to the office they didn\'t have to come to me so there was all this should have just given me towels this should not be an issue I\'ve never encountered this with all the hotels and I\'ve been across United States I\'ve never encountered this

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