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on 16 November 2022 about Alesis in category Entertainment Company

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My complaint:

In August 2022 I purchased the Alexis Surge drum kit . I have been having a problem with the snare drum. When I strike the snare drum pad I also get the rim sound to . The snare drum and rim both light up. It will not produce a snare drum and rim shot independently. I have tried different ways to get Alexis to help solve this problem . I even have a ticket 121513 but can not get a response . I have called Alexis headquarters in Road Island and no response. I have tried to register my kit but can’t do that either. I am completely disappointed in the Alexis company . Totally not a good company to do business with . I am planning to sent a complaint to Amazon. My email [email protected] Also not going to pay a $1.00 to get technical support . Not going to put in my credit card for that.

Suggested solution:

I think it either in the cable snake chord or the module . I'm not sure , that's why I wanted technical support . Guess Alexis could send a new module and wiring cable . I just want the problem fixed.

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