Complaint: cashier attendant didnt helpful or advised customer about digital

on 26 October 2021 about Albertsons in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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First time walk to this stored to buy a pork shoulder that on sale with a digital coupon .My wife register the Von’sAlbert-son app download the coupon with QR code .Upon walk to this cashier i show her the QR code off of phone ,she reply what it is this ,she doesn’t knowi try explain her there sale for type meat and the worst funny part is ,she have the store weekly ad in front of her.My feeling she doesn’t want to do it or maybe is the stored closing time..So with my ignorant low level education ,I left the stored confused and angry …I didn’t catch her name but from the donkey face(old Asian lady) I think she is the stored manager .when i got home i figure out what was wrong I didn’t realize i download Von’s app instead of the Albert-son app .My wife told me there the same company .Well I guess not ..Tomorrow I will go to different stored

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Suggested solution:

I feel that the employee ,even the store manger should be educate help people with digital coupon (QR code) understanding . People like me 50 some year are very in slow to understand QR code ,Different app for Von's and Albert son ..from my personal understanding the old asian lady not be manager you should down grade to grocery baggier instead

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