Alaska Airlines complaint: Refusal to provide my boarding pass

Complaint from Johnson DB reported on 10 July 2022 about Alaska Airlines

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My complaint:

July 7, 2022, Flight 923, Alaska airlines would not allow me checking in online at home 3 hours before my flight. I received an online message that I would have to check-in at the airport PHX. On the way to the airport there was an apparent accident resulting in a traffic Jam. I finally arrived at the airport at 19:25 and went to the Alaska Airlines Kiosk to obtain my boarding pass. The Kiosk said I would have to obtain my boarding pass at the check-in counter. The rude Alaska Airlines employee refused to provide me with a boarding pass. The boarding gate was still attached to the plane. She kept reciting the 40-minute boarding rule and said there were no exceptions although it was not my fault.

I made my roundtrip reservation to BKK via a travel agency and Alaska Airlines caused me to forfeit all my connecting flights and all my return connecting flights. I forfeited 2,298.67 USD because I was refused a boarding pass, online at home, refused deferred at the Kiosk and finally refused a boarding pass at the desk as I was directed to by the Kiosk. When I chatted online with the Alaska Airlines help desk, they kept reciting the 40-minute boarding room and kept telling me there was no exceptions and no flexibility within their 40-minute boarding rule. I am a 75-year-old partially disabled vietnam war veteran This is money that I cannot afford to forfeit. Alaska Airlines kept referring me to my travel agency, but this had nothing to do with my travel agency. I find out later that Alaska Airlines uses their 40-minute rule, so they can add a standby employee or standby passenger to take the seat that I paid 71.70 USD for. That is the real reason they would not provide me with a boarding pass 25 minutes before the barding gate was closed.

Suggested solution:

Alaska Airlines caused me to forfeit my whole round-trip cost to BKK of 2,226.67 the selected seat I paid for 71.70. Alaska Airlines is the only airline I ever dealt with which refused to allow me to obtain my online boarding pass at home. If I had been able to obtain my online boarding pass 3 hours earlier at home, I would have been able to board the flight. I am asking for that Alaska Airlines refund my whole roundtrip cost of 2,226.67 the selected seat I paid for 71.70

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