Complaint: Lack of truthful and complete reporting on Inovio Pharmaceutical phase 1 results.

on 02 July 2020 about ABC in category Broadcasting Network

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I have been gravely affected by the Covid-19 virus, as has the whole world. I started looking into who might be developing a vaccine for this back in March. One company caught my eye Inovio Pharmaceutical. In doing some research I saw they were developing a vaccine using DNA plasmids. This looked to be 21st century (Star Trek like) medicine, but I wrote them off, thinking this was too complicated to get done in time to help the world. Had I done my research more thoroughly, I would have seen that this company was 40 yrs old and it wasn’t until lately with the increase in computer power were they able to complete the DNA sequencing to develope the vaccine. They have the vaccine available for the MERS virus, which didn’t get brought to market for use, because MERS went away, unlike Covid-19 which is not going away. I am 65 years old and am at higher risk if I get the virus. My wife, who is 60 is at higher risk than me, because she has diabetes and high blood pressure This caused me to think and make the decision to retire right now, instead of next year, to protect my wife and myself.
Inovio Pharmaceuticals just released their phase 1 results (June 30), which is primarily a trial for the safety of the vaccine, which it passed with flying colors. Only small red spot at the site of the injection, who doesn’t get that, but nothing else, no fevers or other discomforts. Of the 36 people in this trial they showed that 34 of them were producing an immune response, thats 94%, but that’s above anybody else’s but that’s what phase 23 trials are all about. The FDA just stated yesterday that a company must have at least a 50% response rate.
Why are they getting bad press about this, or no press at all and the public is missing out on the news story of the “Year if not the Century”?!!

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ABC should be the first to get the complete and most breaking story of the year out to the public so that Inovio Pharmaceuticals gets the support that it needs to help us get rid of Covid-19 and help the whole world. I believe you can best do this by interviewing Dr. Joseph Kim, the CEO or Dr. Kate Broderick, the head RD or both. Thank you for your consideration.

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