99 Cents Only Stores complaint: manager refused to return a bad item

Complaint from RamHach reported on 16 March 2024 about 99 Cents Only Stores

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My complaint:

I used to shop at least once every couple of weeks at 99c store and I always end up getting much more than I intend to buy before getting in. Once day in January of this years, I got a skillet for $5 although I didn’t really needed it.
I had a hard time removing the glue under the label, so I soaked the pan in warm water to loosen the glue a bit then I placed the pan on the dish rack to dry.
When I looked at it the next day it was all rusted and obviously not safe to cook in it. So I returned to the store to return the pan but to my surprise the manager refused to take it back and told me that it has been used although I explained to her what happened and that it wasn’t suppose to rust even if I had used it. Plus I just bought it 2 days ago!!!!!.
I returned home and called customer service. They were nice and told me to email them my name, address and copy of the receipt so they would mail me a voucher for that amount, So I did and again, that was in January.
I had called them 4 time since then and they told me each time that the system is down and I have to wait 2 to 3 weeks. When I finally told the person on the phone today that I am getting tired of waiting and why can’t he write me a check by hand, he said he can’t and he doesn’t know when the system will be fixed. In other words, he’s saying they are not going to reimburse me for the $5 skillet
It’s not for the $5 but the principle and for that, not only I will never go shopping again at any to 99c store but I will tell everyone I know to do the same

Suggested solution:

refund my money soon, meaning within a couple fo weeks since I have been waiting since January

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