Complaint: Dismemberment

on 09 March 2020 about 11th Avenue Hostel in category Hotels / Motels

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My complaint:

Stayed one night then again another night, paid for. Second day, reconciled with aquantance whom was lost, suggested they come over and part ways with hostility he became with house guest on my ticket.
Didn’t even make clear through doorway as was halted with apprehensiveness of ; NOT WELCOME, AT ALL!
We three have been through a lot homelessness, personal reasons I will not go into detail.
When the man at front halted also stated as if I was a repeat offender, very enforces as if has action plan, ONLY TWO PEOPLE ARE ALLOWED, as if that is the case, full of scamming racist acts of unkindly discrimination description verbatim.
The next day, ladyman like, wouldn’t give name, really hostile, states after talking on the phone not mention not rent again. As if she needed to check my race of nationality oh, where not renting to you anymore. Very conniving, intention on doing harm with a reason. After aquantance cursed out doorman whom voices discernment of being rejected from premises based on sole factor, coinspiracy to keep roommate in demise of rejected guest definitively as long as they live.
Original incorporating illuminate of this Hostile quoted 11th Ave Hostel est.1903 that has renamed …Hotel, is a dismemberment of society, while apprehending accertable no difference with step by step instructions for that of which case; (Hostile) Hostel. Remembersnce or reminisce of people, of me, my aquantance, roommate, is professed by entitlement, has clearly being abused and stagnation has left stains.

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Suggested solution:

I am not here to take something of someone famila history away. I\'m in question, of if the hostility rendered is from sole proprietor, and has been stripped by the remaining pieces.
Obviously, to make such indifferent approach, lable assertion from guest hostileHostel of well known performance based Hotel has cleared my minded vision, there seeking to erase, certain powerful individuals such as myself and all my luggage, while envision of heaven, with textorial Bible study more accertable.
I am specifically dispelled at such moment to seek vengeance and so, this is wealthyful white male female acordinance relationship is not working properly. Where we should be more welcome to stay, Indifinitely per establishment of Communication with local to reach discernment of justice, 1903, as youth now grown up through illuminate time, history, through death, [no vows] history of relationship friendship with Hostel, permeated by fair legal law, hindering per: confidential information; this is an act to muniplate minds of travel, towards permnately, and not knowing whom is watching, name change: Now Hotel.
I believe, we should not be banned, and would like to have sit down with complaint compliance to release as hostage to banning indefinitely. With not details of how, your being held responsible for outburst of aquantance for bringing them here, (open door to anyone) and so, because so-and-so doesn\'t feel to good about what was said, you will know no longer to be able to check out room is that permanently?, I believe, yes Indifinitely, look of, job well done is not showing up on my way home now far apart from how someone else personal relationship with new ownership per est.1903, have anything, to do with myself as well as guest?
Not staying there to gain relationship with the new arranged Hostile Hostel, to know, I am welcome to not be compelled by someone else indigenous Acts, as they are suited as personal.

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