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Product no good

Complaint from on 06 February 2019 about Uriciplex in category Healthcare

Bought this product and thought it would help with my gout ? It had NO benifit at all ,contacted company they tried to sale me a meter to tell me if I was in pain? I know when I am... Read more


Complaint from on 27 December 2018 about Uriciplex in category Healthcare

This company gives a 100% guaranteed but when you try to contact them the don’t anser on text or on there complaint form so there is no way to talk about my complaint they just don’t want to know can... Read more

Bad company

Complaint from on 16 December 2018 about Uriciplex in category Healthcare

The sell a ptoduct that is no goog ,give a garantee if it does not work 100% so they advertise,Shan you try to contact them they don’t answer ,they are still trading don’t buy DONT. Bryan Read more