How to write a complaint?

When we buy a product or service, we open ourselves to both positive and negative customer experiences. In the case of the latter, you’ll want to share your negative experience and have your voice heard. Online reviews, feedback and complaints are becoming increasingly influential in the success and popularity of a company. Writing a good complaint can be difficult. We will help you to write an effective complaint letter which drives real solutions.

Do’s when writing a complaint:

  1. Make clear what you would like to see as a solution.
  2. Keep your goal in mind; what do you hope to achieve from this complaint? For example, to warn others from suffering the same negative experience as you, or as ‘leverage’ in a discussion of compensation
  3. Use positive language, use humor and give feedback.
  4. Provide proof. e.g. a picture, video, audio, documentation or a witness statement.
  5. Try to keep your complaint concise and yet comprehensive.

Don’t’s when writing a complaint:

  1. Never make threats if you want to achieve something; e.g. compensation
  2. Don’t make unreasonable demands. For example, you should not demand someone’s resignation.
  3. Don’t be vague and never dramatize your experience. Try to keep your emotion’s out of it. Stick to the facts.

Complaint letter template

There are certain questions that you must ask yourself to come to a good complaint. Answer and process the questions below, and you will see that you have written the perfect complaint.

  • What problem did occur and what is your complaint about?
  • When did this take place and was anyone else involved?
  • What exactly went wrong?
  • How have you been affected by what has happened?
  • What outcome do you hope to achieve?
  • Is there anything else you would like to mention that may be relevant to your complaint?

So you have written your complaint, what next?

We recommend to submit it on our website, but also through the company’s official complaints procedure. Don’t forget to mention that your complaint is visible online to make sure they will take your issue seriously.