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on 23 August 2019 about Tri-County Guardianship in category Legal Organizations

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My complaint:

I had a co worker call on me to Tri County guardianship with false allegations against me and a resident. I worked at a (AFC Home) Adult foster care. The person who made the complaint waited days before even saying anything at all. And when she did instead of telling our boss she went above her head with this false allegations. Another of fact there is proof that it was all trumped up.
She made a claim that I snuck into a residents room drunk and got naked and slept with him oh and that I gave him drugs and alcohol. When the truth was this…i wasn’t naked I had my clothes on and she knew this and I told her she could walk in at any time of the night I was in the recliner the whole night we’ll from (1-5) so for 4 hours because I didnt want to go home and have to come back that early. I had permission from her and the resident. He doesn’t have any mental problems he knows what he’s doing and he will even say the same thing as to what I said.
The following night this resident got really sick..we thought it was his sugar..I checked it and it was low so I did bring it back up. He acted weird for a few hours but again we thought it was due to his sugar being low. I kept monitoring his sugar all night, his blood pressure all night and his temperature cause he was running a small one.. I asked him if he wanted me to call 911 he kept saying no. So I put a cold rag on his head. Watched his vitals and when our 1st shift showed up she was only concerned if he had taken any drugs or alcohol..I said no he’s sick. She did call 911 and he refused to go with them..once they left he slammed the door in her face…if I would of called he would of done the same to me and I wouldn’t of been able to keep track of his vitals.. but because I watched out and I kept liquid in him, kept checking his temp, blood pressure and sugar levels I was able to keep him calm and stable. The only reason why he went to the hospital is because the NEXT DAY the same co worker called his case worker his guardianship and told her she thought there was drugs and alcohol in his system. So they ordered him to the hospital to get his blood drawn. Guess what nothing was in his system but a really bad UTI .. but yet I was still fired.
I did nothing wrong and the guy that I cared for will tell you the same. He would of never went to the hospital it took his guardian making him go. So now I’m not allowed to talk to him, see him or nothing and we both think it’s way out of control since I no longer work there.

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Suggested solution:

My solution would be able to have contact with this resident cause we did form a friendship. No we\'re not sleeping together but he has become a close friend of mine. I don\'t understand who it\'s hurting if we are friends since I\'m no longer his caregiver.

I really need some help any advice or help I would highly appreciate...I\'m beyond upset over this especially when people lie and twist it to their advantage
Please help in any way possible

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