Complaint: Wrong kitchen cabinets

on 24 February 2021 about The Home Depot in category Household Goods, Interior shops

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My complaint:

I am writing you to report the poor treatment and customer service I received from your management and associates at your home depot in Capital Heights MD.

I made an online appointment with Angela your Home Depot associate to start my cabinet search in July. During my appointment she let me know the process will take a couple of months. I figured I would have a new kitchen by Thanksgiving and I was very excited.
Two weeks passed before I received my measurement appointment. (Longer than promised) But he finally came. After calling HD for the status it took another two weeks for the contractor to send the measurements to the store.During the planning phase I had multiple appointments that were cancelled due to associate not being available or overscheduling before I sat down with Angela to select cabinets. That was around October. In October Ms. Angela told me she planned to go on vacation so we agreed to place the cabinet order before she went on vacation. At that time she asked me to quickly submit my hardware selections I wanted to use and I obliged. I never heard anything from her. I finally called the store As we got closer to Thanksgiving I learned Angela never ordered the cabinets. I thought about finding someone else and decided that I have worked with this confusion this long and we may be okay so I went back to the store to complete the purchase.
The day the cabinets were officially ordered I asked the associate if I could eliminate the antique look on the cabinets and she said yes, we can remove. I asked her to show what the cabinet would look like without the finish and she showed me a cabinet without the weathered antique look in a cream color and I agreed on the color and the cabinet.

Several months later I received brown cabinets not the cabinets we agreed to. When I reached out to the store they made me feel like this was my error and I was told that when I come in for my new cabinet order I will need to sign something saying if this happens again Home Depot is not responsible. I was also told it was my responsibility to get the cabinets back to the store and I would also be charged a restocking fee. In the meantime I have paid a contractor half to renovate my kitchen and on stand by to begin the instillation. Now I have lost my deposit from contractor. Monday before last I called the store and spoke with a woman who said she was a manager. She arranged to have the cabinets picked up and let me know she would check in the cabinets and contact me when the cabinets were picked up.
Today is Saturday and its around 12:30 pm. I just called the store and was placed on hold, then disconnected. (this went on for 40 minutes) I called again and was told the wrong truck was ordered. However, Janelle let me know she was watching out for the truck all day. HUM she said she made a mistake and ordered a flatbed instead of a box truck. (If I had not called I would have still been waiting on the truck to pick up cabinets). On Monday I called and spoke with Tim, Kim and other managers. After explaining my situation they let me know that they would get a truck to my house today Wednesday to pick up cabinets and gave me a time 3 and 5. The truck called me at 7:30 am and said they would be at my home by 8:00am. I work. I have called the store at least 6 times today and was told by management someone would call me back and no return calls to resolve issue.

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Suggested solution:

1. Pick up cabinets so that I can have my life back.
2. Refund my money that I have paid

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