Complaint: Worst customer service ever IHOP employees treating customers are rude disrespectful humiliating them

on 18 February 2019 about IHOP in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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I called to place an order for pickup was on hold for 35 minutes nobody got back on the line to answer my call so I went online and placed the order. the manager Becca at the location in Grand Prairie off of North Highway was at the front counter when I had told her about the wait time she just looked at me rudely and said sorry about the wait but there isn’t anything i can do about that besides u was able to still get your order in by going online she was so rude and argumental , disrespectful and was insinuating that i lied or did something to my receipt because I had asked for a copy of my receipt due to the fact that I had paid for it online and I needed a copy especially since I did not sign anything she rudely stated that she put the receipt in my bag when I looked in my bag there was no receipt when I asked her for the 2nd time for a copy of my receipt that it is not in the bag she wanted to argue with me and tell me that she knows it was in my bag and then told me to go back to my car and bring her the bag she then goes to watch me walk to my car and retrieve my order. She then looks in my bag and looks at me and tells me what did I do with the receipt that she saw in the bag I stated to her that I never saw a receipt in my bag that’s why I originally asked you for it before I walked out the door you rudely told me it was in the bag even tho i saw a copy of it on the when I get to the car and I look again there was no receipt so I returned back inside the IHOP and again had to ask for a copy then she walks around from the counter and goes outside and starts looking around on the ground and around my car. And returns inside and tells me she isnt giving me s copy and I had placed the order online so i can look up my order from there and that will be my receipt when I showed her the website and ask her where on here do I find my receipt I had signed in as a guest so how do I retrieve my past order she said I don’t know it’s not my problem it’s yours and while this is going on and she is humiliating me and disrespecting me she’s doing this in front of five to six other guests that are waiting there as for an order or to be seated I have never in my whole life have ever been talked to in that manner or treated with so much disrespect

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I think they should go ahead and remove that lady from management she is not representing that company very well at all she\'s not doing great in customer service she didn\'t even offer to comp my food which was only $10 anyways for the inconvenience no instead she wanted to argue and I feel like that right there is a case for termination

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