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1179 number of complaints
1.9 /10
459 votes

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Complaint from on 04 May 2020 about Wish in category Retail Company

You guys are the absolute worst company ever! My packages are always fucking taking so long I was supposed to get a packet today and the day got moved almost 2 weeks you guys suck and should be shut down! Read more

Order not receive

Complaint from on 03 May 2020 about Wish in category Retail Company

March 18, 2020 - Transaction ID 2NH269500K909671P Invoice ID 5e7165308919591a33ce38df $1.68 March 18, 2020 - Transaction ID 9M3506145V499805C Invoice ID 5e716dedcc8ee8304aee8512 $79.00 April 6, 2020 - Transaction ID 03N532509M358514R Invoice ID 5e8a2c92523d2399b94ef9ad $31.00 Paid through PAYPAL Read more