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Complaints timeline

Order refund

Complaint from on 06 August 2020 about Wish in category Retail Company

They said they refunded all seventeen items, It was due to something wrong with my account. How can I fix what is wrong ,if I don't know. I am re-doing my Granddaughters room and I need all those Items. I need... Read more

Product not received as pictured on website

Complaint from on 05 August 2020 about Wish in category Retail Company

Order on May 19, 2020 Order : 5ec45eb4148345a42164d76e Received this product July 17th but it is not what is pictured on the website. The website shows Black Family Photo Frame Home Hanging Wall Decorative Collage Decor Set https:www.wish.comproduct5ca2d3ce57c53e3c11d4e19a?from_adgoog_shopping_display_country_codeUS_force_currency_codeUSDpidgoogleadwords_intc%7BcampaignId%7Dad_cid5ca2d3ce57c53e3c11d4e19aad_ccUSad_currUSDad_price16.00campaign_id7203534630gclidEAIaIQobChMIvPm95pu-6QIVYR6tBh08_QHWEAkYECABEgK1KvD_BwEhide_login_modaltrueshareweb What I received are white paper... Read more

My Orders!!!

Complaint from on 05 August 2020 about Wish in category Retail Company

I have ordered and paid for many items still waiting for the dolls,sandals,blouse,plants doll clothes crazy dog lady sign and other small items since May 2020 what is the hold up 4 months even coming from China is Ridiculous my... Read more