Complaint: Why are you taking Pokemon Sun Moon off Netflix

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My complaint:

My complaint is why are you taking Pokemon Sun and Moon off Netflix I think one of your shows that’s better than most of the rest should stay on Netflix you keep getting rid of the good shows and bring in bad shows no one cares about the other stuff keep shows like Pokemon on at least because Pokemon got better over the years at least keep Pokemon on Netflix

Suggested solution:

Keep Pokemon Sun and Moon on Netflix and don't take it off or try to take it off again it's a good show to watch when you're going to sleep it's also a good show to wake up to because people like me who had no care in the world for Pokemon then one day season on Netflix besides to watch it again then says you know what Pokemon really did get good so I think I'll watch every single season of Pokemon from season 1 when Pokemon was first made so if you want to resolve this complaint then keep it on Netflix it's not fair for those who still love watching Pokemon Sun and Moon

Why are you taking Pokemon Sun  Moon off Netflix
Why are you taking Pokemon Sun  Moon off Netflix
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4 months ago

Sorry to hear your favorite show’s leaving. Netflix isn’t removing it from their service as such, they’d love to have all the shows on the platform, if a show leaves it’s because the licence for it is expiring and they either were not able to extend it contractually or the show just wasn’t popular enough and was too expensive to keep. I hope you find another show to your liking.