WWE complaint: vince mcmahon

on 24 January 2023 about WWE in category Entertainment Company

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My complaint:

i am the biggest fan of wwe and vince mcmahon is doing a big misteake of selling it like vince mcmahon is makeing problems for every one but it seem like vince mcmahon donst care about any thing if i want to why dont vince mcmahon wreslt me for the companty i win i keep the company going the way it is now and i well take over it and if he vince win he can do what ever he likes but i well make choose the fight no bar holds or last man standing or any thing gose or a steal cage match and i am challaging vince mcmahon to it that if he dosnt have enough nearve to do it or is he going to chicken out see who is the best one and i want to hear a email or a phone call from you that you reply to it and you seen it and i am not joking here no other super statr well do it so i well do it

Suggested solution:

i would like you to give a email or a call to me to aarange the fight between me and vince mcmahon here my number and email address first phone number 226-402-0339 and my email is [email protected] i am expecting to you hear from you on email and phone call i hope to hear you soon enough

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