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on 02 January 2021 about VEET in category Pharmacy

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My complaint:

I used the product veet to remove my pubic hair on 112021. The product reacted badly and has left me with sever chemical burns to my groin and testicles. I spent the evening of 112021 at AE as after a day of the burns I could not take the pain any longer. It was very uncomfortable to drive especially, I won’t be able to attend work as normal from Monday and I am in constant pain and discomfort. Nothing helps, even aloe Vera and sudocrem burns me and has to be washed off immediately so the only form of relief I have is ibuprofen and paracetamol which to be honest does nothing for the pain.
I have been referred to the specialist burns unit and am awaiting my appointment with them on Monday so missing work for this and have to bear the pain until then.
I am very angry and annoyed that a trusted product I have bought off the shelf has done this to me. I am in shock at the extent of the damage this product has done to me

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I am looking for compensation for this for the pain I am in and discomfort. The extent of the infliction is far worse than what I would expect from a shelf item accessible from a retail store. I used as per instructions, left on for no longer than 5 minutes before removing and showered immediately after.
(I have pictures but they won’t let me upload here. Email me and I can send them)

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