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this company needs to be investigating because the illegal attivr they have going on. very unprofessional and the manager team only cares aboht keeping them a job. of you a floater they only call you when the person on the post won’t to leave early. i been working for them as a floater and i went to tgem to ask for a permant post and they say they don’t have any , but i sent someone their to apply and they got a permant post and i been asking. this company really needs to be investigated i promise you am going to get this company closed down or new staff.. with a company with this many bad comments about them they really needs to close down. they only give jobs to people they know and it’s not right. its alot of favortism going on with this company and something needs to be done about it. my car was brole and they say they have people that picks you up and take you to the site and take you home, but they took me to a site and no one picked me up i was stucked to the job site for 3 hours my mom had to leave her job to come and pick me up. y’all needs to do something about this company, if i was hired to work why i have been called for work in 2 weeks.

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They really needs to be closed down or get a better staff. Because the staff they have their now is not running the company right.

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