Complaint: Unjustified action by crisis Connection in Jasper Indiana

on 21 January 2020 about Crisis Connection in category Social Services

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My complaint:

They( the crisis connection) have taken my grandchild away with no legitimate allegations I do not know what she ( the mother) has told them but she is very unstable she has told me that she tried to drown her first child which she does not have that child , her ex-husband has the child now she also has PTS from her dad raping her as a child. I’m really concerned and these people took my grandson with my daughter-in-law. I fear that he could be in danger do to her instability ,we do not know where he is my son has been a really good father to *** and has kept a job for 3 years or more this should not have happened I need help with this I am the grandmother *** had a lot of stress upon her because some old bills before *** and her got married came up on her and then her ex-husband ask for child support she cannot take stress of anykind ,please help this situation they did wrong by taking the child away. They should have contacted my son to see if the allegations or whatever she told them it was true before they took his son away from him.We do not know what she told them we need to know ASAP thank you

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Justified complaint?

Suggested solution:

Our desired solution is she comes back with *** and gets a divorce through the court system it\'s not right that crisis connection help her get a divorce when there is no abuse neglect involved they was wrong for helping her this is actually a civil matter if she wanted to leave she should have left on her own without their help, does everybody that wants a divorce call crisis connection? absolutely not. She seemed to have manipulated the system to take *** away from his daddy and family. It seemed as if she did not want to be married to him no more because he could not snap his fingers and pay for all of her past mistakes her stress and the post trauma syndrome might have been the reason for her behavior. The crisis connection seem to have over acted their Authority this needs to be addressed thank you

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