Complaint: Unfair scam

on 10 September 2019 about DFAS in category Government Services

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My complaint:

I was married to a marine in 2006. After his deployment he became physical with me causing me to be rushed to the base hospital. This happening offten the Marine was put into the brig two separate occasions those occasions I was put in the hospital and because he was in the brig he became uneligible for any benefits so I guess that made me uneligible for Tricare but every time he got out of the brig my Tricare turn back on. the base hospital placed a bill under my name not my husband and it was for $22,000 and me being a single disabled mom now I am not able to pay that they never sent me a bill they never contacted me and it happened in 2008 and 2009 now it is 2019 and they have sold that debt to a company called DFAS and they have been taking my taxes each year since 2016 now when I talk to DFAS and let them know that this is unfairness calling me a hardship I get know where they told me to speak to the hospital when I talked to the hospital to hospital can’t find my files and also when they pull me up in their computer system I still come under my sponsor social also I can’t resolve it with the treasury because they tell me there’s nothing that they can do either so I just keep going in circles and each year I’m caused a hardship affecting my two children and I I did not ask to be put in the hospital I did not ask for their Marine to put me in the hospital I did not ask to be rushed to the base hospital they took me there because of my military ID so far they’ve taken $18,000 from me and I want it all back and DFAS told me they’re going to keep taking my money until they see fit.

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Suggested solution:

My desire solution I would like all my money refunded to me and to not be harassed or bothered by any of the above-mentioned

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