Complaint: Unfair Insurance Practices

on 28 January 2019 about Liberty Mutual in category Insurance Companies

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My complaint:

Liberty Mutual failed to deliver the services and misrepresnted on my claims. First, I was being misled and misrepresented by the Auto Body shop that Liberty Mutual company closely affiliated with during that time. First, I was told by the auto shop staff to lower the deductible and asked me to call my car insurance. So, I called the insurance company and had them explained how the policy and premiums works then decided to update my policy.

I have my rights to choose the right plans and I am covered and under consumer protections. There were different incidents and separated dates of the claims. Again, there were separated claims, different collisions, different estimated quotes and different time incidents occurred around the same time.

However, the car insurance assumed and accused me about my actions, they denied my all my claims without taking further assistance actions, neither found out what really happens to my car damaged, what kinds of the situations and all the issues were.

Additionally, I was accused by their claim adjuster representative, and he asked me if I was under any drugs during the phone recording, which it was totally against my human rights and created my mental, emotional damages that they assumed I was crazy or abnormally.

Liberty Mutual failed to provide their services as promised of its business disclosures; also they treated me unfairly on many ways that caused injunctive and punitive damages, based on their misleading, misrepresenting and unfairly treatments.

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Suggested solution:

I need that Liberty Mutual car insurance resolve my issues and work on my behalf. Or the MediatiorMediation Arbration will be involved or even need to get it done with a small claim and legal lawsuit filing.

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