Complaint: Unexceptionable rudeness

on 22 November 2020 about RushCard in category Payment Providers

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My complaint:

I called rushcard because I was concerned with two transactions from Amazon prime video that I did not do. One for October 20, 2020 November 20, 2020. After I talked to two agents on phone. The agent told me that my card would be cut off in 5 min. I felt like I could have been told this so I could have had time to get my money off my card. I live on highway not streets so I had to run all the way across down the street to get my money. I have asthma bc I was rushed my anxiety was going all over the place. She den told me to get it expedited I would have to pay 30$. I asked if it could be waived. I feel like rushcard did not do right towards me. I had to rush get my money off atm did more than one transaction. Mean rushcard took the extra 3$ plus 30 for sumthin that out of my hands. I’ve been with rushcard since 2016. I don’t understand why rushcard does not offer other ways to get my money if your waiting for you card. I asked rushcard agents how I can file a complaint. They would not tell me instead they kept asking me what I wanted to make complaints about. I felt like I was the theft for your agents to ask me why I want to make a complaint. Is rude disrespectful when being a costumer’s of rushcard since 2016 I thought that it was my right. Rush card agent did not help me or my situation they jus made me worry more. My direct deposit is posted on Monday which is Tommorow right now I have no card. I’m essential worker I can’t call out. Being that it’s a pandemic I believe this is very unexceptionable to not have other ways for your costumer’s to get there money is like why do I really have or need a rush card. Your agents was rude they don’t listen to there customer don’t know customers right. I can’t do my daily living for each day. I can’t get my medication. All y’all can tell me us to wait. I have took screenshots recorded my conversation with the agents I talked to too prove my case. I’ve also been waiting for a supervisor or manager to call me back from Friday. Noone has returned my call yet. This is wrong completely wrong

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Suggested solution:

I would like my fee $30 I paid for my card to be expedited waived bc this was out of my hand. If I would have known I would have waited until Monday to call disbute the funds on my card. I also would like you to get better people that speak understand English properly. Thirdly if nothing is going to be done like I know I'm goin to be treated jus like how the agents that work for rush card treated me during my time of abandonment. I plan on leaving rushcard soon as my card gets hear. I'm goin back to my chime card

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