Complaint: Unbelievable conduct of a Subway restaurant employee.

on 12 April 2021 about Subway in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

This incident took place on 04102021. My husband and I came into a Subway restaurant 14247-0 located at 61-13 Springfield Blvd, Oakland Gardens, NY 11364. The oriental female employee is always extremely rude, unbelievably loud and obnoxious. Unfortunately we patronized this restaurant quite often only because it’s located one mile from our home. She always rushing you while you try to place on order by screaming “ what bread do you want” and before you have any chance to answer, she screams out again “what meat do you want” and so on and so forth. Additionally God forbid you come with Subway restaurant coupon. It’s bad enough she always stingy on the amount of food she puts on your sandwiches, but if you come with a coupon you’ll get 12 the meat and all the rest of the item you want on your sandwich on purpose just because you have a coupon. So now let’s get back to our incident on 041021. We placed an order for 3 sandwiches with a young Asian male behind the counter, and as soon as she heard my voice she picked out from the back room and stated yelling something to him in what I believe to be Chinese. From there on it all went South. He of course did as she told him by putting half the quantity of the ingredients on the first sandwich which was for our daughter who wasn’t even there. Mind you all I wanted on my daughter’s sandwich was 4 lousy ingredients, chicken Teriyaki, cheddar cheese, cucumbers and onions. Now for the other 2 sandwiches we wanted 5 ingredients, grilled chicken, mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and onions. Mind you I said nothing to him about the very little amount of ingredients he was putting on our sandwiches, but than when he got to the onions all I asked of him is to put some extra onions on the last 2 sandwiches. Now as soon as she heard that she popped out from the back room and in their language was yelling at him sometimes. So what he did next was unbelievable, he took one tiny little sliver of onion and threw it on one of the sandwiches. To that I asked him if he was joking and just to please put some extra onions on 2 remaining sandwiches. He screamed at me that he wasn’t adding anymore onions period. At this point she comes running to the counter and now yelling in English “GET OUT OF MY STORE, GET THE HELL OUT OR I CALL THE POLICE.” Then she ran out from behind the counter to where my husband and I was standing screaming in reputation over and over again the above statement. My husband and I were totally astonished by her actions. At this point all we wanted to do was to leave this God forsaken place, but before that I wanted to get her name so that I can file a complaint against them with Subway restaurant corporate office. She of course wouldn’t give me her name so at this point I called the police in order to get her name. About 10 minutes later when the police arrived. We explained the situation and asked them to get her name for us so we can file a complaint. The officer stated that if she doesn’t want to give you her name she doesn’t have to. Next we left this unbelievable place. Now after this incident I logged on to Google reviews and what I saw was unreal. This place has hundreds of negative reviews and videos on how she treats Subway customers and conducts business at this place. She by yelling ordering other customers to get out of the restaurant. Now in the conclusion I’d like to say that these people especially her should not be working with customers. Her unbelievable, rude, out of control, uncalled for attitude toward customers should be stopped. An angry, bitter woman like her should not work at this place or any other place for that matter. She gives bad name to this restaurant. She should be fired. Believe me this pericardial store would do a lot better business wise without her. She won’t be missed.

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One, she should definitely be fired for her conduct towards customers that keep this restaurant in business. Two, I feel that my husband and I owed an apology by Subway Restaurant Corporation or at least by this particular restaurant owner.

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