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on 30 September 2019 about DirecTV in category TV Providers

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Have fought with attdirectv just to get service i live in a rural area so very limited service option i was told that i was approved to have installer be there from 8 to 12 then i called at 1130 to see where he was at to be told i didnt have an appointment it was an appointment to setup installation what ever i am not an idiot then she comes back to inform me he be there between 12 to 4 he is runnung late to have him the installer show up to be told that i had to many trees he would put oder on hold tell we cut trees down . then i spent 2 to 3 hrs fighting to get appointment reschedule or hell even getdirectvgo to use untill service installed was told sure but guess what still no access so i was just told put off on att directv so i waited then my daughter informed me they refunded her installation fee then i called again and was told oh ya they need to send someone to install i was on phone with 8 people at least frist day anywhere from an hour to at least 30 min the best thing of all is that the second day i was fighting with them that an att rep. Just happened to be doing door to door in my neiborhood he says ya i can have u service today he even helps my son cut trees down to get line of site we try to get service started to be denied so back on phone anouther 5 or 6 times never anything about a missed app. Still no service again 2 more calls the whole time rep. That was doing door to door tried to help i even was giving his personal cell number i even called him an hour after he was off and had him 3 wayed in the call still nothing i have asked servile times to speak to someone to make a formal complaint still no complaint then i had missed call this morning belived it was door to door rep being phone number was a couple didgets off i even ask if it was him by name and was told yes then he ask about line of site and i just assumed it was prodical to do so and i responded with i do now thinks to u helping my son and he didnt agnolige that and i ask are u in neiborhood he said no Californie and i was like what so i hung up and called customer service to be told i missed app. I said no way i was in my yard most of day with other rep .and by way one lady told me she wpuld call back in five min.and u guessed no call when i said something to next person i talked to she stated rep called at 330 well i know for a fact that was a liei was on phone with her from 300 to 359 my mother in law had beeped in at 358 i texted her and said on with attdirectv at 358 so how then i call and transferd to wrong dep. Still want to file formal complaint still unable to do so and still no service i have a 6 and 9 year grandchildren that was looking foward to tv help please

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I would like my service asap and maybe compensation for my half day of missed work and hours of lost time on phone calls and maybe lowered bills for a bit

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