Complaint: Uber is lying and stealing money from drivers

on 13 September 2019 about Uber in category Public Transport

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My complaint:

My wife is a Uber driver. She is fighting to get paid her ride fair money that she rightfully earned. She drove a rider over 70 miles on one ride and she was not paid a cent for. But her trip details for the specific ride shows Uber taking and paying themselves the entire, and my wife’s earnings says fare adjusted
They told her over and over again that it was a glitch and that other drivers are having the same issue. Then the very next morning she received 7 emails from Uber and each email was a Ride Adjustment that they were randomly doing on her previous rides that she did over a month ago. They took what she made and for no reason, they made them $0. But the Verizon she already done and they paid her for those rides already. And her app shows for every drive she has done and she has all the emails from Uber stating that they are making the fair ride changes them selfs, but now they tell her that she is not receiving the money from the long ride that she did because there allready too many fair adjustments on her account
My wife can provide the evidence with the app that she has never made changes. So what Uber is doing is not okay and they are breaching their contract. They just need to pay her what she is owed and they need to fix the past fair ride adjustments that they had no rhyme reason to make such a justments and fix her account being negative. We really need help and not too sure what to do from here.. thank you for your time

Desired solution:

My wife just wants the money that she worked for and that is owed to her. Uber needs to fix what they did on her account that made her now negative when she was not before. Uber needs to make sure this does not happen again, to any driver.

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5 months ago - We have posted a tweet about your new complaint about Uber


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