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on 09 November 2020 about Family Dollar in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My sister is an employee at this store. Her level of anxiety and stress have continued to grow since starting to work here. I didn’t know how bad it was until I witnessed it myself. Last week she had to go to Patient First for a migraine she’d had for 2 days already. after getting medication for this the day before, the very next day the migraine had gotten worse. After a return trip to the Dr, she received another shot and a Dr’s note (not to return to work for 2 days). Unable to drive or do anything but rest, I contacted her manager and sent the picture of the Dr’s note. The store manager then sent a picture of a box of over the counter medicine back. I then responded, A migraine, by definition, can be debilitating for the average person. To have to go to a medical professional and receive shots of a sedative to alleviate the pressure and pain from such migraine is way beyond the scope of an over-the-counter medication. Surely Family Dollar wouldn’t want one of their valuable employees to report to work with the inability to do their job. If there are any questions or concerns regarding her illness or the medication given, please direct your ignorance to Patient First so you can get accurate information instead of basing your unprofessional actions on your alternative facts. My sister needs to rest, thank you for your concern. The manager responded that She gud…she should have texted me not you…not family dollar policy…I know about migraine my son has them I responded, I have her phone right now because she’s unable to do anything. She’s following her Dr’s orders and resting. To which she responded, Tell her is mighty funny every paid day something is wrong with her…i talk to her wen she gets back to work..i have a truck to put up have a nice day. Again, your level of unprofessionalism speaks for itself. Yes, you do that. Now imagine my surprise that a sick employee is made to feel even worse and judged by immediate supervisor. That’s not her place. In a time when society and people are dealing with a lot more anxiety and stress due to the pandemic, no one should have to go to work and deal with more or have to worry about taking off- if they need to. After I returned home, and over the next few days, my sister received several more unprofessional messages from the store manager (these are attached below). The problem I have is the unprofessionalism! When the manager is texting her, she’d degrading and belittling. This is suppose to be a professional. This type of attitude and behavior is unacceptable. This type of behavior creates a toxic work environment. Everyone’s walking in eggshells because they don’t want to be i the line of fire. This manager is upset about her taking the time off- but doesn’t get employees their schedule in a timely manner so they can make appointments to avoid having to take off (not the case with this issue, but an example of unprofessionalism). Attitudes and work ethics are reflected in leadership. If the manager is behaving this way, why would she hold her employees to a different standard. They see and read (in the groupstaff text messages) the pettiness and double standards. Trying to embarrass her by responding and sending messages to the staff, instead of just her. This seems crazy to me. I can’t believe this is the type of work environment Family Dollar fosters.

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Management Training; even a demotion and training under a different store manager, one that knows the importance of their employees.

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