Complaint: To Be honest! Everything was so blown out of proportion I don’t even know what to title it.

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On Monday October 26th around after 5 o’clock that evening I sent my two children to the store for some foil2wo half gallons of cranberry juice! Each time my children go to the store I send them with their phones because they can never remember what they went for so while at the store we always communicate to prevent that. So when entering the store at the time I’m speaking with my oldest he had became confused on witch items to get an gave the phone to my younger son before walking towards the front of the store. At that time my younger son was approached my the store employee by the name of KEN I can hear him saying aye ma man! You gotta get up out of here! My son replies with a little laughter. Are u serious? Ken then replied yeah ma NA my store manager said she ran u out the store this past Sunday with a group of kid’s for stealing! My son then began to defend himself stating that ken’s accusations were not at all possible witch he said he had proof of an did not! He begins to argue with my son at that time I advise him to get his brother an leave the store! Meanwhile I’m getting myself together an leave out of my home in the direction of my children picking them up an returning back to family dollar. Before entering the store my older son said mom that’s the man at the register! So with now knowing who he was I immediately specifically asked to speak to the manager! Ken the replies to me. Ain’t nobody here in the store so I’m the only u need to talk too I am the manager! I denied his statement of management an questioned his name tag not implying so. Then he stated that his manager Sarah told him on this past Sunday that my children were not allowed to be in the store alone with everything else I heard him say while on the phone with my younger son in the beginning of it all. Ken then said he had proof an pulled out his phone showing us a kid that was definitely NOT my son! So I asked him to call his manager he said! No with a lot of frustration and agression ken said u no what ma’am are u with yo kids 247,do u have a job,can u honestly tell me what they do all day! Now I’m confused because he’s questioning my parenting an yet to apply any theft proof. So now we are arguing back an fourth he stated that he has 11 year of prison time left on the shelf an we my children and myself are putting him through ain’t worth going back blurting out cuss words an calling my older son out his name after he came to my defense when ken began to use cuss words with me. He threatens to call the police an I agreed with him. Ken the grabs my 3 item’s an starts ringing me out I then said thank you that’s all u had to do in the first place. I extend my hand to receive my receipt an he flung it at me instead of handing it to me so I let it hit the counter top an left it there we turned around to walk out the store I walk out before my children ken follows behind my older son saying rude things other customers that ken had waiting in line while all of this situation was taking place begin to separate my children an the grown man KEN from each other before a fight broke out between them! I then ran back into the store to get my children an leave. The very next da ay I begin calling the store after 8 a.m. to get ahold of the manager an was unsuccessful until this morning 1029th around 8:15 I was able to speak with her personally an she was unaware of the situation! So I informed her of the situation and even providing her with a detailed witness witch was a quest at her store on that day spectrum salesman

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I am not the one to tell anyone how to do their job! But there's no way that a person that is supposed to be a people's person when it comes to the job you've signed up for could be comfortable with the thought of such behavior for absolutely any reason at all! an was proven by the store manager herself. My children an I felt extremely disrespected an have never been treated in such manner by this store the whole 13 years that we've lived near that area. Maybe the man had a bad day! but in my opinion when u have a job u do it! An he can start by checking his personal feelings at the door before entering the store.

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