Complaint: TLC Streaming Channels

on 16 February 2021 about Discovery channel in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

I have been a TLC watcher for many years, but your recent changes have me outraged. Why do I have to subscribe to a streaming service and pay more money to watch the programs that I like? Are you trying to do away with regular TV programs? I’m a senior and spend enough money to watch regular TV but then to be told that I can’t see my favorite programs is really a slap in the face.

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Suggested solution:

Tell me why I have to subscribe to a streaming service to see my favorite programs.

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Jennifer Paquette
Jennifer Paquette (@guest_2718)
8 months ago

I agree 100%! A majority of the programming for a majority of the discovery channels is being moved to the new streaming service. The regular television subscribers, who have been loyal subscribers for many years, are now getting reruns instead of new content. It is unconscionable! Discovery + is streaming shows that originated on television, but are now being renamed, repackaged or just removed from regular tv programming, yet television subscribers are still paying the same or more to get less. I do not want to now have to pay extra to access what used to be available from discovery… Read more »

Bridgette Moritz
Bridgette Moritz (@guest_4078)
1 month ago

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