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on 21 February 2019 about Silgan Containers in category Others

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My complaint:

Cindy brock the H.R. lady is letting people get away with breaking the law and abusing fmla. She know about it and still makes excuses for them. Just because the company is short handed right now she wont fire them like she should. FIRE JAY GOODALE. all they are hiring anymore is Latinos. They work very good, but we cant talk to them. Where are the English speaking people!! Horrible benefits. $.30 a year raises. Adding more work to peoples work load and wont give the money to support this. They wonder why they cant stay staffed. Forced overtime for every week for the last 2 years. We are tired. This company pushes safety down our throats daily, but They jeprodize your personal safety by refusing to shut the company down due to hazardous weather. They force you to use your own personal days off (pdo) and vacation days so they can stay open and running because all they care about is money. They let all the hr people and office people leave due to weather but the manufacturing peasants have to stay and work so they can continue to make their high salary. Our plant manager quit a few months back. What does that tell you. He didnt even want to be there anymore.

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Follow the law. Doesnt matter who you are. Fire him. This isn\'t right. Fire her if necessary for playing favorites. Hire people that speak English. Let us survive. Give more money. Actually care about our safety on your dime. Not ours. This place is out of control and going down the toilet. Very quickly.

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