Complaint: THIRD Delivery order that was never Made or even delivered

on 02 January 2021 about Dominos Pizza in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

I have now made 3 Orders for delivery that have either never been made, Attempted to be made, Or even Delivered… while I have received my order Confirmation email, money deducted from my bank account… sitting waiting for over an hour and half but never showed up, never delivered!! I called and called but then they were closed, SO WAS ANYWHERE ELSE I COULD HAVE AND SHOULD HAVE ORDERED FROM… they were now also closed. Not a phone call… nothing!!!!! Left me hanging and as for my pregnant wife…. that is not something I need to relive ever again. Same thing happens again a second night!!!! Yet this time they offer a $20 credit to my Dominos account and state their driver was broken down on side of road…. now this THIRD time, again it’s the same excuse. F@%!K THAT!! This is just simply the choice and decision to not make the order because of to close to closing time, which surmounts to Shitty unacceptable unprofessional management!!!

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Resolve my complaint???? Are you serious?? No call, No show... had me waiting hours, all night... and now the third time you want to offer me a $20 credit??!!!!?? Only adding insult to injury. First off my order should be fulfilled freely but 3 orders, not one. And $50 credit to EACH of the 3 times this has happened. I\'m serious! You left me hanging without a phone call, any contact at all and blatantly chose not to make my order. You tell me how you would feel.

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