Complaint: They ripped me off falsely accused me and did not pay out like they were supposed to

on 01 June 2019 about Jumba Bet in category Gambling

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My complaint:

I joined Jumba bet and they had overcharged me two or three times I went back to them and gave them all the information they asked for and they refunded the two or three times that I was overcharged then I won big at the casino and they would not pay out so there was too many disputes and there was only the dispute of me being overcharged one night I was charged 3 times for one $20 transaction I sent them screenshots of every talk that I had with their support team that totally agreed that I was charged 3 times by the system that should not have been they authorized my verification until I saw that I won over a thousand dollars. Then everything changed they said they were too many disputes on my account when they were not they said that they had refunded me for every transaction I made which they have not as far as I’ve seen I haven’t even gotten the money back from the three times that I was overcharged this is the biggest kick and I got I have ever had by any organization the support team saw everything even down to every conversation I have was screenshot then for them to tell me that they have refunded everything is a blatant lie they have not refunded anyting their Finance team saw a way to get out of paying and used it which is not right because I have everything documented everything 100% an idiot could look at this and see that I was done wrong I don’t see how an organization with such a kind and understanding support team could have such people as they have as a finance team if you want I can send you everything that I sent them and you will see too once you read everything there you will see there are no disputes there should have never been a dispute and I did not dispute with my bank I even went to them and let them know what happened this is just the most unreal thing I’ve ever seen in my life I done absolutely nothing wrong I did everything by the book everything is they asked me to do and I still have not seen any refunds much less the $1,130 I won how can they get away with doing people like this I guarantee you you if you seen all the information everything that I screenshot everything that happened you would be in agreement with me 100% in fact if you give me an email address where I can attach things to I will show you everything sent to them and every word said between us the whole time.. that is so unfair for them to be able to do someone like this I’ve never filed a complaint on anyone for anything because I can handle most things that happened to me but not this this is just wrong I see a place to file I will send what I can send if I can figure out how to do this

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Suggested solution:

My desired solution is to be paid the money that I won and they said they were refunded me all of my deposit never happened I just want what I rightfully won at the casino

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