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My complaint:

I purchased a ticket through this website agency and I saw that I could add additional baggage online after booking my ticket as it would be cheaper than purchasing this at the airport. After purchasing this ticket I tried to go online to purchase additional bags but was unable to as the button to add was grey and wouldn’t allow me. I phoned the agency, they said to contact the airline. I contacted the airline, they said it wasn’t in their ticket stock as it was documented under one airline but operated by another. So I have been passed around between the airlines as they keep saying they’re unable to add additional bags. I call the agency and advise them of the situation and they take no responsibility tell me to AGAIN contact the airline or purchase at the airport. I was finally told by one of the airlines that I’m unable to add bags as the flight isn’t documented AND operated by them (split companies). NOWHERE on this agency website did it say that this would be the case. They did NOT disclose this information on their website at the time of the purchase, if they did, I would have booked the flight with the airline directly to make sure it was only one airline. I don’t even think the operator knew about any of this information either. NOONE KNOWS WHAT THEY’RE DOING THERE.

Suggested solution:

Either find a way to add additional luggage online at a cheaper rate OR change my flight to ONE airline so I can purchase additional baggage online

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