Complaint: They broke my dirtbike and now doesnt return call

on 08 May 2019 about CC Powersports in category Automotive

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I paid 440 for just a tune up for dirtbike with havein my carb rebuit and other parts that were old new put on on that i bought from him that he ordered online . it took this company 2 weeks or longer to repair bike with new parts he said to me with the carb he had to keep tweekeing it evry time i called to see if the bike was done a week goes by he said its done and the parts were put on but he still doin the final tweeking on it before bring it back bringing it back to me i paid 50.00 for just the pickup and delivery that was not even a mile down the road .he finally says it is down when i called the last and final time that day after waiting 2 hours from him sayin he call back in 10 mins .the guy droped the bike to me didnt even have the truck at my house he parked down the road he was reveing the mortor for me to come outside he walked half way to my house he handing the bike then ran off down the road i walked the bike to my shed stored it for a few days cause i wanted a nice day to ride i end up starting the bike it over reved then knocked the and blew up i called him back he also game me the bike back with no gas i had it filled when i gave it to get tuned he said he couldnt fine tune it and the bike had no gas when i gve to him he also said he didnt wanna goto court while adking him about it he had a smirk while talking about it he knew it was broke and he had my money already i paid before the work waz done from now he dorsnt answer my calls or call me back when i leave messeges for him to .

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I would like my money back or fix the bike

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