Complaint: Order wrong 3 times

on 29 September 2020 about Taco Bell in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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So my parents came to get food, I asked to nachos Belgrade, added guacamole and add jalapeños, and no sour cream, and add shredded cheese. They went and they said the girl ( Vivien B) couldn’t hear them and kept saying “what?” Eventually they come home and realize she did not put any of what they asked and clarified of on my nachos. I went back with my boyfriend, told them everything and they said okay. I look inside the bag and they added sour cream, which I specifically said no to. We go back a third time and a rude woman comes at us very rude I will assume she’s the manager, she was dark Mexican, dark brown hair, she wore a Taco Bell hat and a raincoat with NO name tag. And she started yelling at us and saying “I ASKED YOU TWICE” and even slammed the window thing on our faces while we were trying to talk to her. She said. “I asked you, add beef ( which WE DID NOT, they already add beef to the nachos Belgrande so why would I add beef?), add Cheese (we specifically said Shredded cheese) and add sour cream, (WHICH I KNOW FOR A FACT WE DID NOT, I do not eat sour cream) and add jalapeños (that one she was right). My boyfriend was so angry by her lying acting as if we were lying and just trying to get an extra nachos, that he kept quiet. Eventually she came back and said “there is nothing I can do for you” and my boyfriend said “we told you no sour cream. Add jalapeños and add guacamole and Add shredded cheese that’s it. This is the third time we’ve had to come back I understand the microphone doesn’t work right and that’s not your fault but I even said it to you when I came up to the window again” and she slammed it on his face. And then came back and told us we were lying again. After a minute of trying to find a solution. She got us our order and and didn’t say I’m sorry for the inconvenience or anything just slammed it. I will not be coming back.

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I completely understand if it was a misunderstanding, but if you look on Yelp there are plenty of people with the same complaints as mine that their order was wrong and the manager is very rude and does not care about the customers satisfaction. I truly think she should be fired immediately. I have worked in fast food before, and I know that it NOT a way to treat any guests. She simply should not be manager until she learns the value of being a manager and that the customer is right no matter how you feel . Trust me there’s times I want to yell at customers too but I don’t why? Because that’s the value of business and in fast food we are ALWAYS told “the customer is always right”

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