Complaint: Nasty, and unprofessional employee.

on 25 February 2021 about Taco Bell in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

I don’t have the name of the referenced employee, but it was a young, black female – with long, thick blond braids, who waited on me when I returned an order which hadn’t been prepared right. The time was approximately 7PM, on this evening (02242021. The order was a mobile one, and its number was 914130. When I returned it, I was made to wait at least 20 minutes, after she learned of what my visit was about. When she finally did come back she, very nastily, asked (again) what the matter was. I was reading the text message from my daughter, and this employee snapped in saying not to read it – but just to tell her what was lacking from the meal. Well, as it wasn’t MY food, I had no recourse BUT to read the information from the text message. She proceeded to punch in information on the register, and pulled the receipt so hard that it moved the receipt holder, a bit. She was very visibly disgruntled, even nasty, and I had given her NO reason for her exhibited behavior. I walked out, with the meal, after it had been redone, but we (both my daughter, and I) felt uncomfortable about her eating it – due to the likelihood that something might have been done to it. So, that was money that my daughter just lost out on.

This world is not a perfect one, and neither is anyone who walks upon it. We ALL make mistakes, from time to time. I can, however, say that Taco Bell has to be the least mistake-making fast food restaurant that I have ever visited. Not only that, but your chain has the best fast food to be offered. This employee is the only blemish that I had found to be in your stable of workers, and she needs to be put on point about how to go about her job.

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That employee needs a period of retraining, and made to be known that such behavior is NOT tolerated. If possible, I would also like a complimentary offering, that I could present to my daughter. She should not have to shoulder a loss of funds, without having felt comfortable about receiving what she outlaid the monies for. And, hopefully, it could be accepted at any of your locations, as I would never want to go back to THIS location - due to that worker, possibly, being scheduled to work.

Advanced thanks,
Nathan Alston

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