Complaint: Sudden breaking accident

on 14 October 2019 about Harrogate Bus Company in category Public Transport

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My complaint:

I was on the dene park bus 8th of oct2019 the bus had to break ver hard due to a double decca bus coming up the bus station and not giving way to the bus I was on we were reversing. The driver of our bus said it was company policy for buses to give way if another bus was reversing out.
However as a result of the bus breaking I was sat on the bus the seat was for disabled passengers and wheelchair and prom space I myself have a slight disability. I was jolted to the right hand side of the bus where there was a bar my shoulder hit the bar and it was painfull

Later on that day the pain got worse and somehow I started to limp. So my friend took me to Accideny and emergency and I was seen by DR Shepherd at the Harrogate district hospital. I explained to him what had happened he said after examine me I had a swollen shoulder and knee. I asked how could my knee be effected by the bus jolting me to the left side and I only hit my arm and shoulder. He explained to me that while the emediet pain was my shoulder ,I was not concentrating on my knee which was knocked and did not notice the pain till later.

Dr Shepherd gave me som ibruprophen to take one three times a day and paracetamol two every four hrs. I was limping so he got me a hospital stick and gave me a sheet of excersises to do. I was told that in five days if it was still hurting to come back . I was advised to take three days of work to rest.

I however do not get paid from walk if I am not there. So I went home, being in bed was hard as ever time I turned over my knee cracked and really hurt to the point where I was crying. During the day every time I bent my knee it cracked and really hurt . By Friday lunchtime the tenth the pain was so bad and I had lost two nights sleep already I went to my Drs and the receptionist said this was on my notes there were no appointments for that day . I was advised to ringAE

I rang A E I was advised to stop taking the paracetamol and start taking cocodamal tablets especially at bed time which I did . This eased the pain a bit more. However I am still in pain and have not been out since the hospital other than to dr but my friend took me in the car.

My son has to go shopping for me and take dog out for me

I am hopefully going back to work Monday as I do not work weekends. I am only going back because I am a passenger carer and my job involves sitting down most of the time. Saying that I have to keep my knee straight as if I bend it the pain is bad.

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Suggested solution:

I would like the bus company to take responsibility for this as his driver of the double decca was at fault not my driver on the ten past twelve dene park bus on the 8th oct.

I have lost three days pay and I am still in pain and still having sleepless nights .
I wish the bus company to have a chance to resolve this with some sort of compensation for loss of earning loss of sleep and the considerable pain efflicted on me

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